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UK Company Interested in Vietnam Aviation Market

NATS (National Air Traffic Solutions), a UK-based aviation solutions provider, has showed its ambition to set up company in Vietnam and enter the Vietnam aviation market. In addition, NATS is interested in Long Thanh Airport.
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NATS is headquartered in the UK but the company is also present in Asia and is currently implementing a globalization strategy. NATS is planning to expand its market in addition to offices currently based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. In which, Vietnam is an important market for NATS because Vietnam aviation market is growing at a very fast speed. The number of passengers is expected to double by 2020.
Vietnamese airlines are bringing in a lot of new aircrafts. Therefore, Vietnam aviation industry is facing many challenges in terms of infrastructure and air traffic control… Therefore, NATS with experiences working and managing airports with one, two, three runways as well as the busiest airports in the world are ready to assist the Vietnam aviation authorities to operate more effectively.
Long Thanh Airport is a concern of NATS because it will be a large airport. NATS always wants to be able to deliver efficient, optimal management solutions to airports with high capacity. Currently, NATS is supporting the management of 2.4 million flights and 250 million passengers a year in the UK. Moreover, they are also involved in managing and providing solutions to many major airports in Europe. NATS has been presented in Asia for 40 – 50 years and has cooperated with gateway airports in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore…
NATS has met and worked with Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM), a member of CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization) to discuss the potential and opportunities for cooperation in the coming time.
In the short term, NATS will cooperate with VATM to open training courses, for example air traffic controllers. At the same time, NATS will learn more about the Vietnam market. If you have the opportunity and opportunity, NATS will set up a representative office in Vietnam.

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